SIMPSON Hybrid Pro Lite with HANS® tethers


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SIMPSON Hybrid Pro Lite with HANS® tethers

SIMPSON Hybrid Pro Lite with HANS® tethers

What is the Hybrid device?

Like HANS®, the Hybrid device is a head restraint system.
The helmet is held in place by 4 straps: 2 to the front and 2 to the rear.
The straps are linked to a kind of tunic made up of a rigid section and tethers, all closely fitted on the driver.
The user’s chest and collar bones are unrestricted, and the lower profile of the helmet back maximises comfort and freedom of movement.
The Hybrid range is available in 2 versions: With HANS® tethers, or with quick release tethers.

Made from lightweight carbon fiber, the Pro Lite is the lightest head and neck restraint in the Hybrid range.
The Carbon part of the device weighs only 220 grams.
The new design allows maximum control of the shoulder belts and increases slide function of straps connected to the helmet.
If you are looking for a practical, easy-to-use device, it is also available with quick release tethers (ref. 607HYPL11M61).

Weight: 750 g.
FIA 8858-2010 approved.

Sizes available* :
– XS / Chest measurement 81 – 91 cm
– S / Chest measurement 91 – 102 cm
– M / Chest measurement 102 – 112 cm
– L / Chest measurement 112 – 122 cm
– XL / Chest measurement 122 – 132 cm