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The RW-7 line of undergarments are designed to provide both comfort and protection. The RW-7 is made from a unique mixture of very comfortable soft fibers. The undershirts are made with seamless sides with raglan sleeves to enhance comfort. The RW-7 includes long-sleeved undershirts, long underpants, a balaclava (hood) and socks. The hoods are one size fits all; undershirts and underpants are available in combination sizes. The RW-7 undershirts and underpants are designed to fit close to the body due to the soft stretchable fabric. If you prefer a loose-fit please choose one size up. Socks are available in sizes from 38/39 to 46. RW–7 shirts and underpants are treated with Sparco’s X-Cool treatment, which draws heat from the body surface to cool the driver. In addition to cooling the driver, X-Cool treatment has an anti-bacterial effect. The RW-7 line is FIA 8856-2018 approved.

Newest FIA rating – FIA 8856-2018
Seamless stretchable Nomex in key areas for mobility
Designed for comfort in a driving position
Minimal external seams increase driver comfort

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Λευκό, Μαύρο


44, 46, 38, 40, 42