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HEMERRA KIT LED driving and corner lamps 180W

X-PRO range has been specially desgined for motorsport.
It satisfies French regulation (FFSA) from the 28th of October 2015.
This LED technology insure a powerful lighting between 3 and 4 times more than a regular lighting.
X-PRO Rally is the perfect ratio between Lumen and Watt.
The lifetime of LEDs is ten times longer than that of conventional light bulbs.

12 LEDS ramp and 2x 3 LEDS corner ramps
Power : 120 and 2 x 30W
Power supply : 10V to 30V
Lighting power : 15600 lumens and 2 x 3900 lumens
Color : 6000k (daylight)
Lifetime : 50 000 hours
Waterproofing : IP68
Size : 602 x 66 x 104 mm and 197 x 66 x 104 mm

This kit is composed with :
1 X-PRO rally ramp pre-wired
2 X-PRO Rally corner ramps pre-wired
6 side fixing brackets
12 fixing screws for ramp
6 fixing screws for brackets