TERRATRIP 303 GeoTrip V5 Rally computer


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TERRATRIP 303 GeoTrip V5 Rally computer

The 303 GeoTrip’s GPS tracks up to 48 satellites for unequalled accuracy of 0.2% of distance driven!
Much more precise than typical GPS systems built-in to smartphones or vehicle dashboards.
Ultra simple installation with Terratrip bracket (sold separately, ref 1822082G), which can be suctioned to the windscreen or bolted to the dash.
The cable connects directly to the car’s 12V supply
No more installation is required, but the GeoTrip can also be used with up to 2 mechanical probes.
If you connect a probe and the GPS signal is lost (for example in a tunnel), the probe will automatically take over the data logging.
If no mechanical probe is connected and the GPS signal is lost, the GeoTrip will estimate the distance traveled when signal is re-gained.
Performance timing stores 8 results, and you can view in real time.
The optional remote display (ref 1822088CG) can be fitted to show interval distance, speed or average speed. The remote display also has 7 LED indicators, these are used on regularity rallies and show the driver how far ahead or behind of the target speed in seconds.
Optional hand or foot operated remote zeroing units (ref 1822060G or 1822062) also available.

-GPS enabled
-2 displays, total distance and interval
-Total distance display up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99
-Calibrate for miles or kilometres
-Count up and down facility
-Split (freeze) function
-Electronic memory backup
-Two probe inputs
-LED display backlighting
-Dimensions: 138 x 81 x 27 mm

-Remote display sold separately

– Battery power cable included.