Hydraulic PKM Sport Jack 700kg


Κωδικός: AAPKM00200. Κατηγορία: .

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Hydraulic PKM Sport Jack 700kg

PKM Sport Jack is designed for easily lift rally cars out of assistance park for a reliable and quick wheel change.
Manufactured in lightweight materials, the on-board additional weight is strictly limited.

The pressurized jack retracts his rod automatically and doesn’t let any free stoke after use. As the
picture bellow, you will not lose any time by pushing back the rod to the tube after use

Technical specifications:
• Specific design for all rally cars
• Cost content
• Light weight (less than 3,7 kgs)
• Adjustable pin from 97 mm (low position) to 338 mm (6 positions)
• 316 mm stroke
• 11 strokes to maximum height
• Effortless automatic return
• Maximum load: 700 kg