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DAVIES CRAIG EWP115 electric water pump 12V

EWP pumps have been designed to replace and back up the current mechanical pump driven by your engine belt.
They are made from extremely light, anti-corrosion plastic.

– Universal fitting on to the top and bottom of the radiator hose (kit provided with the necessary fittings).
– Extremely durable.
– Greater engine power.
– Better cooling capacity.
– Fuel savings.
– Lower CO2 emissions.

Water pump supplied in a kit complete with elbows and adaptors for various hose diameters.

Technical specifications:
– Motor : 12V
– Operating power : 3V DC to 15V DC
– Maximum amperage : 10A
– Maximum flow : 115L/min
– Operating temperature : From – 40°C à 120°C
– Type : Recirculating centrifugal clockwise
– Weight : 920g
– Material : Nylon
– Burst pressure : 5 Bar
– Diameter: 32 to 51 mm hoses
– Sizes : please check the associated drawings